Buying Into The Hype: Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lips //Kim

I’m sure if you’re a makeup lover like me, you’ve heard some chatter about  Colourpop Cosmetics over the last year or so. They’ve recently gotten a lot of attention when someone discovered their Ultra Matte Lip formula is almost identical to that of the Kylie Lipkit. Even when the hype behind the brand gained momentum, I still never looked into them for unknown reasons. However, last week I found myself on their site lurking a highlighter that my love Jeffree Star made mention to in a YouTube video, when I suddenly found myself in the Ultra Matte Lip section realizing they’re ONLY SIX DOLLARS! So naturally, with no knowledge of if I’m going to love, hate, or even be mildly impressed by these things, I order 6 of them. As well as 2 highlighters (Stole The Show and Hippo) and an eyeshadow (KathleenLights) because I have zero self control with products at this price point.
Anyone that’s interested and a first time buyer, definitely check for a coupon code, they sent me a $5 dollar off coupon code for signing up for emails. I’m a sucker for a coupon.


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Maybelline Color Jolt -Tiffany

Violet Rebel and Stripped Down Maybelline Color Jolts


Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paints are my current obsession.  I started off with the color Fight Me Fuchsia, which pretty much completes my life. Obviously I needed to add some new colors to my collection; however this has not been an easy task.  Many retailers were out for a while or had limited colors to choose from. So when my local Ulta Beauty restocked, I nabbed these buddies; and wanted to share my thoughts:

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Product Review: Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat //Kim

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat

If you haven’t picked up on it just yet, I am the queen of paranoid about breaking out. I clean my face makeup brushes about every week and a half-2 weeks to avoid the inevitable dirty brush pimples. I use a few different brushes for foundation depending on the coverage I’m looking for that day, and 2 of those are very dense. Even after washing I never feel as though I’ve actually managed to fully cleanse them, or am slightly terrified of shampoo residue trapped in them. After stumbling on a video about this Sigma Mat on instagram, I immediately knew I needed to try it. I first read reviews and watched a few youtube videos (I’ve posted theirs below) to cover my grounds on research before investing.

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How to: Combat dryness with acne-prone skin //Kim

Now this is pretty much the story of my life, or I guess I should actually say story of my recent years.

I, like many unfortunate souls, developed acne later in life in my 20’s. After YEARS of buying and trying, I gave up, went to a dermatologist, and stuck with the prescription topicals since. The downfall to prescriptions is they are much stronger than store bought products, but over the counter/high end skincare brands can cause just as much dryness and sensitivity. The vicious cycle of drying, over moisturizing, breaking out, loading up product to combat the break out, drying, over moisturizing, breaking out…I know it all too well.
SO! Here are some acne prone safe products I use to help keep my skin at a happy balance when it’s feeling a tad overworked and revolts in the form of flakes and redness!

My dry skin secret weapons


First Aid Beauty Facial Randiance Polish– I love a good exfoliator, the grainier the better, but when my skin is feeling overly worked and irritated this is my go-to. I will use this in the mornings (every other day) to gently scrub away any dryness or flakes I’ve accumulated from retinol usage the night before, and, unlike most exfoliators, it doesn’t leave me feeling drier or tighter or with a thirst only a thick layer of aquaphor could quench. Very gentle, very lovely, and does exactly what I need it to do. Definitely safe for even the most sensitive of skin, and it even has a nice little lather to it!

Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist– Regardless of how dry I’m feeling, I have to use a toner after washing at night or I feel incomplete. I spritz this all over and wipe with a cotton pad, and it leaves my skin refreshed, hydrated, and calm. If I feel I really need a little extra I will use this in the morning as well, and/or double up and spritz over moisturizer prior to applying my makeup if I feel my skin is extra cracky (during the winter months), but for the most part I only use after washing at night.

Peter Thomas Roth VIZ1000– This is my fav. If I was on a desert island with flaking achy skin and I could only bring one product to help me combat dryness, this would be it. I see a drastic change in dehydrated skin within the minute this is applied. I use this first in my routine on clean skin during the day. So I wash, Evian spray or toner if needed, VIZ1000, prescription daytime topical, moisturizer. Because it’s a serum it can penetrate skin much deeper than a moisturizer, and the hylauranic acid not only helps moisturize but also helps skin maintain and hold onto moisture. Being acne prone I have never been willing to try any moisturizing serums, but this stuff is amazing and does not cause me any breakouts. It’s probably not recommended, but I also put a thin layer of this on my eyelids right under my brows/above my crease where I tend to most often get very flakey year round (for unknown reasons besides my skin loving to be complicated).

Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask– I ALWAYS have this mask on hand, sometimes even backstock out of fear of not having it when I need it. This is a perfect mask for anyone acne-prone who finds themselves dry from time to time. I’m for sure a mask junkie, but hydrating masks have always been a strike out for me, always finding new break outs the day after using. But this precious baby leaves me feeling nice and hydrated without causing any new break out issues for me. I do find if I just wash this off it leaves a slight film behind, so my recommended usage for best results would definitely be to apply prior to a shower, then removing with a lukewarm washcloth with slight pressure (which also helps remove any flakies this mask has rehydrated that are now ready to come undone!).

Additional helpful products I’d recommend would be a lip balm and heavier eye cream for the evenings in case any drying product lingers onto those areas, and SPF during the day time to avoid further side effect reactions from acne products or darkening of any acne scarring! And if you’re sketchy of SPF like me, refer to my summer must haves where I list my fav SPF products that are safe to use on acne-prone and sensitive skin!


My Skincare Routine-Tiffany



Ok… Let me start off with my name is Tiffany and I am skin care obsessed!   I have a lengthy routine for morning and night, some items are the same, some switch out, and I have a collection of swaps. Products that I don’t use everyday… but are in high rotation.

Now the point of this post is to just share what I use and what I have success with.  My skin is:

  • I am close enough to 36 for it to count
  • Oily/Acne prone
  • Sensitive to environmental factors (sun, wind, and all that such)
    • It does not take much for my skin to turn flaming red or blotchy
  • I HATE to have my face touched.. I am convinced it will bring pimple and/or a rash
  • If I do nothing to my facr, and just let it be.. I would be one big acne patch
  • I am extremely dedicated to my skincare routine, can be a little preachy about it, and am very wary of trying new products.  Some might even classify my as snobbish… but I prefer to say protective
  • I do my darnedest to fight any and all of these factors
  • I love to moisturize and exfoliate
  • Exfoliation gives me life

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Kims Nail Stamping Tutorial !

Happy Saturday!

Stamping Final Product

I’ve put together a quick little tutorial for you guys on nail stamping! Beneath the video you will find links to products used (and a few others that I recommend), as well as photos where I have previously used this stamp design in different ways! If there’s any other nail related products you’d like you see a tutorial with, please let us know! Enjoy 🙂 !

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Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint-Tiffany

Maybelline Color Jolt in Fight Me Fuchsia



Lets talk about lipstick.  I am a lover of most lip type products.. gloss..paint…lacquer..stain.. you name it, I love it.  I feel that a great lipstick will give you a pep in your step and a surge of confidence.  I just love em!

So when I came across the new Maybelline Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint, I was immediately intrigued.  I originally assumed that it was going to be a glossy, smeary, lacquer-ly type mess. I picked a color that I thought I might enjoy and became giddy with excitement to try my new lip!

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