My Love of the Paul Mitchell Awaphui Ginger Spray

I write this while traveling south bound  on highway 65, heading out of Kentucky , going towards Tennessee( obviously my hubs is driving). I just needed to take a moment to let you know my thoughts on the Paul Mitchell Awaphui Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray.

I am obsessed !! I’m pretty convinced this is made out of magical unicorn tears and rainbows.  Here’s how I came to this decision.

In my state of packing anxiety , I was grabbing and loading anything and everything I could get my hands on.  We are taking a road trip to Texas, which is whopping 1550 miles from home in New Jersey.  I wanted to make sure I had all the comforts of home , but needed it to fit into my Malibu.  So while I have too much skin care, and more lipstick then I could use in 4 trips, i am somehow lacking  for my hair needs.

I am very easy going when it comes to vacation hair. I can no longer fight the frizzy-ness that is my hair.  I usually just put in some curl cream and call it a day.  I forgot all that stuff, but I didn’t grab my Redken Antisnap and my PM Awaphui Ginger  Texturizing  Sea Spray.

So, before I left I did try the spray. Once when. I first blow dried my hair. I dried until it was just damp and sprayed it on sections of my hair at a time. No crunchy, no stiffness, NO WEIGHT!  Just really nice texturized hair.

I was starting to be wooed. I re coiffed my hair on the third day, figuring that if it got gross, I was ready for a washing anyways.  I sprayed evenly all over and just hit my hair with the blow dryer and a brush to smooth any wild ends.  And still no  crunch, stiffness, weigh, and more importantly, now, no grease.  Just nice texture hair!! I’m starting to be a believer at this point.

Now last night I find myself in the middle of Kentucky with limited hair supplies.  I wash with my Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner, and brushed my hair out.  I used the little hotel dryer for a few minutes and gave  up.  I was tired and ready for bed.

This morning I shook my hair out a little, sprayed a little of my PM Texturizing Spray, and hit it with the blow dryer for a second.  WAHOO!!

My hair has a tolerable curl, no frizz, and great texture. This product is a hands down winner!! I am blown away by how happy my hair fees and how well its last!  I have been in the car for six hours and it is still going strong!


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