Update: Apple Cider Vinegar Toner – Bentonite Activated Charcoal Clay ACV Mask //Kim


After reading tons of positive feedback on the perks of incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar into a skincare routine, I felt it was time to give it a whirl. As I wrote in my prior skincare post, I was using 1 part ACV to 2 or 3ish parts filtered water as a night time toner.

My skin felt really great after a couple evenings of using, I’d wake to a flushed glow and I was no longer waking up to new patches of breakouts. Oh, and the smell did not linger for very long after applying, which I was heavily concerned about being able to stomach, and it did not stink up my pillowcases! Unfortunately, within a week I began to notice patchy red skin on my neck, so I did actually decide to discontinue use of this product fairly quickly. As I’ve mentioned many times before, a majority of my skincare is prescription from a dermatologist, so I do believe the ACV was just too much in addition to those products. I, also, do believe people using skincare on the more gentle side could absolutely love using this and I would definitely say it is worth a try.

After seeing the perfect glow left to my skin from using the ACV the first few days, I felt determined to find another use for it in my skincare arsenal.

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From my nails to yours//Tiffany


My real life nail situation.
My real life nail situation. I know it is a mess, but I am a girl on the go.  I wanted to show you what my real life is.  Busy, hectic, and filled with beauty.  I am not 100% sure on actual nail polish bottle count, but its over 250.



So, just in case you did not know, I am OBSESSED with nail polish.  It is one of the things that Kim and I first bonded over.  We would talk about colors and collections for hours and obsess over what we needed and what we really needed. What colors would complete our souls and if the half shade difference between two colors really made it that different. The answer is yes, always yes.

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Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Review


Where to begin, where to begin? I am obsessed with the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter.  The Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter is super hydrating, long lasting, and delicate in scent.  There, I said it.  Let’s move on to how I learned to love this product.

I have always been a fan of the QVC.  Who isn’t?? Beauty, kitchen tools, clothes, and other random things you never knew you needed all in one place.

Let me just remind you that I am a  lover of all things beauty. That being said QVC is one of my favorite channels to put on when I am: bored, in between programs, or just in need of a beauty fix; it is a go to for me.  I already own wayyyyy to many things from here, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

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I tried to touch-up my own roots


So, let me start off with saying that I am incredibly lucky to be able to call some extremely talented Hair Designers, my good friends; and I apologize for any offense you take with what I did.

One of my very best friends has done my hair for years now.  I trust her completely and she has the patience of a Saint to deal with my fussy, controlling self.  She has not been feeling well ( Love ya, Cailin!) so in a desperate moment, I took my grey roots into my own hands.

I don’t know if I am overly grey for my age or if you just really notice the little buggers growing in because my hair is pretty dark.  Either way… THEY DRIVE ME NUTS.  I hate them, I hate the upkeep that comes with them, and I hate when people pretend to not notice them when we are talking.  I see you seeing them, just so you know.

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