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Dangerous Affair
                        Dangerous Affair

As an avid nail polish lover, I was always intrigued by the brand Ciate London.

Ciate London Nail polish is ALWAYS on the Top Nail Polish lists: great color, must have, celebrities swear by it.. ect.  I would always read the list and make a mental note to research it, but somehow I never actually did.  I would end up gearing back to my hearts content… OPI; and sometimes Essie ( love the colors.. me and the brush aren’t the best of friends).

I was beyond excited when I received the Ciate London Nail Polish, in Dangerous Affair, in my August Ipsy Glam Bag. So excited! I might have let out an actual squeal of excitement.  However, it was the dead of August and I was still pretty dedicated to my summer colors.  So, I put it on the back burner for use when I would fully appreciate it.

Thanksgiving just happened to be that time.  We had a delightful summer in on the NJ coast; so between the warm weather, a few fun filled trips, and a pink themed Baby Shower, my Dangerous Affair was waiting patiently to be used. Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time to break it out.

First off, I am going to back track and give you some info about the company.  Even after working in the beauty industry for all these years, Ciate London is a brand that I knew little about. I would recognize the bottle anywhere, but that is all I had.

So I dug in and did a little research, and fell in love. The Ciate London site states:  “Premium quality cosmetics, with a Pretty Fun Fearless edge”. Who doesn’t love that!?!? They are all about pigment, long wear, and being expressive.  If you are a makeup lover of any sorts you should check out their page( here), it is super fun and inspiring.

So, I broke out my Dangerous Affair one night when I was ready to do my Thanksgiving nails.



Ciate Dangerous Affair
                   Thanksgiving Nails


I started with my basic nail routine ( which I outlined here). The time had finally come for me to give this a whirl!

Let me just tell you.. I am OBSESSED!!

The color is glorious.  I always enjoy a red polish.  OPI Vodka and Caviar has been a long standing favorite.  BUT THIS! its just perfection.  Ciate describes is as the perfect burgundy, but I find it to be a wee more bright then a true burgundy.


The brush is like if OPI and Essie brushes got together and had a baby.  Its just wide enough that you do not have to struggle to cover the nail and just thick enough to control the application.

The creme formula glides on and stays put.  The formula is not a  liquidy/slippery formula.  It seems to have a bit of a sparkle in the bottle ( which I would have gladly been excited for), but not on application.  It is a true creme with a smooth texture.  No grit or bumps.

I let dry for a minute, applied my second coat (which went just as smoothly), slapped on my topcoat and crossed my fingers that it would last until at least Thanksgiving. I applied it on the Saturday night before the holiday.

Thanksgiving  week was filled with cooking, doing dishes, cleaning up, making pierogis from scratch, more dishes, laundry, and whatever else needed to get done.  Thanksgiving came and went totally unchipped.

The days following the holiday were lazy. I might have binge watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (anyone??) but on Sunday I helped the Hubby put together a little home improvement project and my nails still were standing strong.  Well, all but 1 of my accent nails, but that was work related accident… no fault of the polish.

Tuesday I was a lucky gal and got to spend the day with a girlfriend of mine and her little gals.  I babysat in the morning, and my littlest gal pal (who is 19 month) sat on my lap and somehow found that her little thumb was just at the perfect angle to chip off  a little of my thumb.  But still!  I was on day…10!

This is what it looked like when I got home on Tuesday:

Ciate Polish
                                Day 10

My thumb did not make the picture, just because i could’t get a good angle (I HATE my hands.. it took a lot of self convincing to add an pictures of my own hands).  But again!  10 days!!! what!?!

There is some growth in there and some wear accompanied with my forever dry cuticles, but I would say a win over all! If you have an opportunity to try it or are looking to try something new.. this is a must!

I am obsessed with this polish and can NOT wait to expand my collection.  Antique Brooch (in case you want to check the color out) is calling my name!!

Don’t forget to check out the #midnightmani to see what my current nails are looking like.  Let me know what your favorite holiday nail polish is this year!

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