How I reorganized my Skincare for the New Year//Tiffany

So for Christmas, my delightful Niece gifted me this plate:


She Leave a little Sparkle wherever she goes

Which, obviously, I immediately loved.  I knew that I needed a good use for it, but was not 100% sure of what that  use would be.

Every year around this time, my Husband and I do the annual “clean the entire house for the New Year”.  Everything top to bottom gets a deep clean to start the year off right.

My skincare lives in my room, and my makeup lives in my husbands “man cave”.  I have too much stuff of both, so the clutter in the bedroom was too much.. the makeup needed to be relocated.

So for year, my skincare had lived on top of a low dresser in our bedroom.  The space is usually semi-chaotic to say the least. The last few months it has 300% spiraled out of control.

This is where my yearly cleaning started.  I really wish I would have taken a before picture to share.  But  I jumped in yesterday without thinking, so that is missing.  I am sure you can use your imagination to to visual the mess.

So after an hour of tossing old stuff, removing dust, reorganizing pictures, and picking up allllll the cotton balls I knocked over ( that was beyond annoying, by the way).  I was  done:



Yes, there is still a lot of stuff.  And yes it is still quasi cluttered, but I love it.

It holds all my everyday, must-have skincare.  There are a few things that I am running out of that will be tossed soon, making a wee more room for some new stuff.

I love how it came out, and my Husband is satisfied with the end results to move towards the New Year.  All in all,  I would say Day 1 cleaning was a success.

Next will be my makeup area… which will be a wee more challenging to say the least.

This is a snapshot of the current state…


Stay tuned for the results of this overhaul.

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season!

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