MidnightMani: German-icure

When pondering a nail color this week, I knew I wanted to go with something dark.  I had on the OPI Center of the You-niverse for about two weeks. It wore beautifully for the most part (two weeks is a long life for natural nails), but I was ready to be rid of it by the end of last week.  A busy schedule demanded that it stay put until last night.

So I knew I wanted my next choice to be something dark. In my head I was leaning towards something in the purple family. However, while I was perusing my options I came across OPI’s German-icure, and I have had zero regrets:






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MidnightMani: Center of the You-niverse

I know, I know.. I always love me a good nail polish.. and I always rant and rave about nails. So I wanted to expand on my #midnightmani posts with follow ups on application details and color woo. So here is my first:











OPI Center of the You-niverse. Wow…just wow. This color is a beauty.  The color is a  black on black with black glittery goodness.  There is also a subtle silver glitter that just brightens the entire color up.

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My 2016 Best Nine // Tiffany

Welcome 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Another year has gone by, and we are at the very beginning of a new one.

I know for many people 2016 ended with mixed feelings.  Personally, I am going to focus on the good.  I took an amazing roadtrip to Texas with my Hubby, I got to spend time with my family and friends, and I might even have experienced some personal growth.  Yes, there were plenty of falls and miss steps, but I will continue to focus on all the Sparkle the world has to offer.

So, with that being said, now that 2016 is officially closed out, I am drawing inspiration from Instagram.  As usual, they brought us the 2016 Best Nine aka #2016bestnine; which features 9 of your most liked photos put into a grid for all to see.

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