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Welcome 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Another year has gone by, and we are at the very beginning of a new one.

I know for many people 2016 ended with mixed feelings.  Personally, I am going to focus on the good.  I took an amazing roadtrip to Texas with my Hubby, I got to spend time with my family and friends, and I might even have experienced some personal growth.  Yes, there were plenty of falls and miss steps, but I will continue to focus on all the Sparkle the world has to offer.

So, with that being said, now that 2016 is officially closed out, I am drawing inspiration from Instagram.  As usual, they brought us the 2016 Best Nine aka #2016bestnine; which features 9 of your most liked photos put into a grid for all to see.

I am going to share my 2016 Best Nine.   These are items that  that I tried new and that have made a difference in my day. I even put it in a fancy little grid for ya!  I will break down my usage and why I love as well:

2016 Best Nine
2016 Best Nine


First up is my absolute favorite.  It has become a must have, ride or die, life changing device:

1#: Emjoi SpiSlim Erase Glide 18-Disc Battery Operated Epilator-


This had been an ABSOLUTE game changer for me.  I am a girl who has a deep struggle with facial hair.  I very easily grow a mustache which wants to connect to my chin.  It grows quickly and the little hairs are dark. I was committed to getting my lip waxed every two week (which was a stretch), but always hesitated to do my chin.  It is such a sensitive area, I wasn’t willing to chance the red bumps that I know could follow up waxing a sensitive area. I would jsut pluck those puppies and hope that I got em all.

One night I  randomly ordered this on QVC ( my favorite) and hoped for the best. And let me tell you: My life has not been the same since!! Not only can I manage my facial hair in the privacy of my own home(yay); I can also do it whenever I want or have time.  No more crossing my fingers for an available time for an appointment or going on vacation and realizing I forgot to do it!(which has happened more then you would think).

It takes me about 6-10 minutes to remove all the little hairs ( I take my time because I am OBSESSIVE) and VOILA! smooth, NON IRRITATED skin.  Every now and them I get a reaction pimple, but nothing to stress about.

The Emjoi has changed my life!


# 2:  Gilded Honey by Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator-

Laura Geller Gilded Honey

There are no words to express my love of this illuminator.  It is the perfect honey shade of highlight that just gives your skin a sheen of glow.  I PILE this one with way to heavy of a hand, and it never looks cakey or dry.  Just highlighted deliciousness. As a side note, I am highlighter obsessed.  I can not get my hands on enough of them and I want to try every single shade that is out there, but so far none of come close to my love of Gilded Honey.


First Aid Beauty Skincare

I have fallen head over heels for this skincare brand! The Facial Radiance Pads are so amazing!  They exfoliate and remove dead skin in the most gentlest of ways and reveal such an amazing radiance in my skin. The Ultra Repair Cream is a must have for me. I use it everyday on various things: irritated skin, dry legs, parched shoulders…it is a FIX ALL.. and its gentle.  If you have a skin issue that you are fighting against, I would give Ultra Repair Cream a whirl.

I am so glad that I decided to dabble with this brand at the beginning of the year.  It has truly made a difference in my skincare regimen.

#4: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray-


This guy gives me good hair time and time again. Even when I am having my laziest of days, this guy comes in for the rescue.  Dry hair, wet hair, blow dryer, air dry.. it works every.single.time.  It gives me the best texture with no gross residue and no weight.  I could go on and on.  I always seem to have some kind of struggle with my hair or another: frizzy, weighed down, limp, oily, tangled… its always something… and the Texturzing Sea Spray really has stepped up my hair game.

#5: Tarte Maracuja Oil:


The Tarte Maracuja Oil is my holy grail. I use this every day, everywhere.  I dabbled with it at the beginning of the year to help with my dry under eyes, and somewhere along the line it moved its way up the lineup. Its mandatory morning and night to seal in my other skin care, I can’t do anything under my eyes without a smear of this first.  It hydrates my neck and decolletage, my dry winter hands, and my husbands dry elbows.   I know the word oil is scary sometimes, but it has helped balance my oily skin, and it so not greasy at all!  Its so soft and smooth, sinks right in.   Its pretty magical!

#6: Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Collection


If you follow along, you know I am OBSESSED with these guys.  I use the purifying cleanser daily.  It cleanses my skin while removing dirt,oil and any residual makeup. It  doesn’t flair my acne prone skin, and leaves me feeling super clean, but not stripped down to nothing.

For years there was no mask that I could commit myself to.  I ordered it on QVC(again) one night and have been hooked since it arrived on my steps.  It clears up congestion, brightens and leaves me soft and hydrated. I generally use it once a week, but will dabble it on problem areas if necessary.  This Mask has reinstated my beliefs in masks.

#7: Butter London Top Coat and Cuticle Remover


Again, if you follow along I am a nail junkie.  I love doing my own nails, I love nail polish, and I love talking about nails.  So when I noticed Butter London re-did their product line, I had a small freak out (in my head it was a large, overthetop freakout).  Would it be comparable? Would I hate it, therefore running my years of hard work perfecting my manicures?? What was I to do?????

Well shame, shame on me for ever doubting Butter London.  The revamped topcoat dries even faster and shiner. It locks that color on.  My nails generally don’t budge for 10 days.  I actually did a previous post of my steps, which you can read here.

The cuticle remover is a new product for me.  I will just say my cuticles are not a great feature of mine. All I want in life is delicate lady hands, and that is NOT my lot in life.  But hey, everyone has something.  The cuticle remover definitely helps keep my cuticles at bay, and makes removing/cleaning up 100x easier.  I do not know what I did all those years without it.

#8: Scunci Knotted Ponytailers


It seems so easy and generic.  Hair ties, ponytail holders, scrunchies, hair elastics.  The list goes on and on. I never actually put that much thought into them.  I always had the black elastics on hand ( I am a hair up type of gal).  One day, on the way to the beach, I randomly grabbed them at Rite Aid.  I have been hooked ever since!  No tight pulled, no kinks when I wear my hair back or up (especially overnight).  They aren’t tight on your wrist ( I know we aren’t supposed to put them there.. but honestly… who doesn’t??) .  They are soft and pretty, durable, and so less damaging for your hair!  Now, if I have to default back to my old elastics my hair feels pulled to tight and ends up wrapping around it in a ball of gross.  I am a knotted ponytailer for life.

#9: Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Mesh Sponge


Another random item to close out 2016.  I am poof type of gal.  I loathe a washcloth, but need something.  I always have a poof laying around, ready to go into action. Once day while perusing Ulta I grabbed the Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Mesh Sponge; figuring how bad could it be? Charcoal to decongestant and purify? I figured the worst case scenario would be … nothing.  It would just be a regular poof. does act like a regular poof.  However! it holds together like a dream. The mesh seems to be a little more..effective?  It seems to be a better quality material then most of the poof’s I have tried. Which helps to slough off the dead skin and improve circulation. The material does not tangle or fall apart.  And believe it or not, it has totallly helped clear up the chest acne that I have had for MONTHS.  I feel like for $3.00, it is a 100% win for 2016.


These are my 2016 Best Nine items. I can not wait to see what is in store for 2017!  I hope it is filled with fun, love, travel, and of course, Sparkle!

I hope you enjoyed and found some to be helpful or inspiring!  Do you have any products that you discovered in 2016 that would be in your Best Nine?? Let us know!  Share your must have’s or things you tried that you hated!

Don’t forget to Sparkle Like You Mean It!,


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