MidnightMani: Center of the You-niverse

I know, I know.. I always love me a good nail polish.. and I always rant and rave about nails. So I wanted to expand on my #midnightmani posts with follow ups on application details and color woo. So here is my first:











OPI Center of the You-niverse. Wow…just wow. This color is a beauty.  The color is a  black on black with black glittery goodness.  There is also a subtle silver glitter that just brightens the entire color up.

The results are a a super jazzy, shimmery black nail polish. It is perfect to dedicate to in these cold months, but has just enough light to it that it sparkles.

It is OPI from the 2015 Holiday Starlight Collection, and I am glad that I decided to use it this week!  I have had  an interesting week filled with some sad and happy events and this color will carry me through.

The application is wonderful.  The first coat is an opaque black that you can truly see all the black glitter bits.  However, the lacquer itself looks more like a deep smoke.


The second layer is where all the magic comes in.  The lacquer fills out to a brilliant black with those teeny black glittery pieces, and the silver bedazzle really comes through.

The formula layers on like a dream. I had no runny issues or bunching issues on either of the coats.

The dry down texture is super smooth with topcoat.  I always fret with a glittery nail polish that those chunky/jagged edges will lead to catching on everything and early chipping.  This is smooth and glorious.

This was pre clean-up.  But I am telling you … this color.. is life!  If you are in the market for a jazzy black nail polish.. Try this one!

I paired it with my usual suspects and have really been loving it.

For information on my nail routine, I will add it here.

Are there any colors you are interested in seeing? Let me know!

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