MidnightMani: German-icure

When pondering a nail color this week, I knew I wanted to go with something dark.  I had on the OPI Center of the You-niverse for about two weeks. It wore beautifully for the most part (two weeks is a long life for natural nails), but I was ready to be rid of it by the end of last week.  A busy schedule demanded that it stay put until last night.

So I knew I wanted my next choice to be something dark. In my head I was leaning towards something in the purple family. However, while I was perusing my options I came across OPI’s German-icure, and I have had zero regrets:






German-icure was from the OPI 2012 Germany Collection, which was one of my all time favorite collections. I fell in love with all of the colors and was super psyched to break out an oldie but goodie from this beloved collection.

The base lacquer of the color is a deep smoke.  This really gives the color the dark vibe that I was looking for.  The deep smoke really helps the garnet colored shimmer shine!  German-icure is a glorious, saturated red that reflects a hint of orangey-rust. It gives the effect of a dark polish, but on closer inspection there is a sparkle of fun.

The first layer of polish mostly applies an opaque dark smoke with a little shimmer to it.

The formula is a little more watery then I generally like my polish to be.  It isn’t super runny or liquidy, just  thinner then some others from the brand.

When the second layer is applied the true sparkle is revealed. It becomes a full bodied, shimmering lacquer. When the light hits German-icure it is just a full garnet shimmer.

The formula is smooth, and it dries perfectly.  There are no jagged edges or rough texture. As always I paired it with my favorite prep line up: OPI Ridge Filler, CND Stickey Base Coat, and Butter London Hardwear Shine Top Coat .



This color is super delightful! I am not going to deny that I had doubt for a second.  I had my mind set on the purple family, and second guessed myself when I went for the German-icure.  However, it did not disappoint!


Thank you for reading up on my #midnightmani!  I love nail polish; it is really an instant pick me up.  Nicely polished nails instantly makes you feel put together and a little more fabulous.


Until next time my friends!

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