MidnightMani: Royal Navy

MidnightMani: Royal Navy


MidnightMani:  Butter London’s Royal Navy

My nail color selection doesn’t always have a meaning behind it. Generally, I just go with a color that speaks to my soul at that moment.  Sometimes it is a color that I have been mentally obsessing over or even a  color that I know will lift my spirits.  However, every now and then I pick a color for a specific reason.

This Midnight Mani is from the beginning of February.  February has come in like a lion and seems to be going out the same way.  I have been on the move just about every day and when I wasn’t on the move, I was super busy being super sick.  But I digress.

For this MidnightMani I used Butter London’s Royal Navy; It is the most perfect shade of navy blue.  Which is exactly what I was in need of.

You see, as a family we were hosting a Gift Auction to raise money for ALS; also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  A family member of ours fought a battle with this dreaded disease for a long time and as a close knit family we all jumped into to raise some funds.  Unfortunately, this family member lost his battle at the beginning of the year.  So, after some deliberation we moved forward with the auction to raise some money for an amazing foundation that has helped so many.  The moral of the store: the ALS Foundation colors are Navy Blue and White.

Technically, they are navy blue and white stripes.  I am not a master of stripes, so I opted for all navy blue nails with a white accent nail… right smack in the middle.  Hopefully sending the message of “F**k ALS”.  Because… seriously… its a shitty disease.







Butter London Royal Navy was the perfect choice. It is a full creme of deep blue goodness. It doesn’t pull too purple (like a lot of blues) or too black.  It is a honest to goodness Royal Navy.  There is no glitter, or sparkle.  Just a satisfying richness.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a deep color.  Dark enough that you do not feel like you have child-like blue nail polish.  It is sophisticated, but also makes an impact.  I paired it with my favorite white: Waltz by Essie.

There are some complaints circling around about the formula, but I had zero application issues.  The first coat comes on very vibrant, but not too thick or too thin.  I had zero runny issues, and no pooling along the edges.

With the second coat, you get the full Royal Navy impact.  A glorious blue, when you feel like changing things up.

See, just looks like a dark nail color when in normal lighting.

I will say, I did not have awesome wear out of it.  I did a fairly mediocre job with my top coat ( I got home late from setting up for the auction, but I NEEDED to do my nails).  I didn’t follow my regular topcoat procedure, leaving some spots not as fully top-coated as I generally like.  With that being said, I got about 5 days wear out of them.  Enough to feel like they did me justice.

My entire line up.  I always start with OPI Ridge Filler and end with Butter London TopCoat.  I detailed my application here.

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