Hello!  My name is Tiffany and I am a lover of all things beauty.  Eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish, hair spray… you name it.. I love it! I have spent the last 14 years working in the cosmetics industry.  I started behind a counter, and worked my way up to retail management.  I spent a few years managing a retail location, and realized that I was missing the interaction with people.  I was getting to caught up in scheduling and payroll, and really missed talking about eyeliner and lipgloss.  Over the years my favorite memories have been where I really made a connection with a customer.  Finding the perfect lipgloss for a Daughters wedding, discussing Kids oily hair, and helping a 13 year old girl find her confidence to express herself.  These are my favorite moments.  I believe in the power of a good lipstick, I believe that every Woman has the right to feel fabulous every day; and in her own way.  What I love , might not be what you love… and that is OK!  I would rather you find what makes YOU feel fabulous, to find your inner sparkle. I hate when society tries to dictate what is fabulous and what is not.  Life is short, find what makes YOU feel fabulous.  Find your inner sparkle.



Hello out there! My name is Kim and I am a self proclaimed beauty junkie. My love of all things fabulous has led me down an interesting path through the beauty industry over the last 10+ years, which has now led me here to this beauty blog introducing myself to all of you fine people! So, here we go!
I’ve worked in many ends of the industry over the years; retail, beauty consultant, freelance makeup artist, salon assistant, salon receptionist, esthetician, nail tech. You name it, I’ve probably (at the very least) tried it. I am a certified makeup artist through Makeup Designory (2009) and a licensed Cosmetologist (2013).
Throughout all my careers and experience in the beauty world I found (for me) there is no better feeling than helping someone feel fabulous in their own way, even if that means helping them find their favorite chapstick. I am fully dedicated to every/anyone out there looking to find a product to love & obsess over.