Hi Everyone!!

I just wanted to take a moment to drop in and say hello!  Hello!!

It has been too long since I dropped in to say hello! I just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on in my life in these last few months.

2017 flew by and was filled with major computer crashes, part-time jobs that occupied every single moment of my time, a few vacations, and some serious growing (and some growing up).

I needed to take a beat at the end of the year and really figure out what I am doing and what I am aspiring to do.  I left my job, which I thought was going to a lifelong career, about two years ago and have been bouncing around ever since.  My heart and soul is always in beauty.  I obsess over lipsticks, research skincare, collect nail polish, and I am always the first to notice a flawless complexion or bold statement. I live and breath all things beauty.  Nothing makes me happier than when I can bond with someone about beauty items that I love; which is why we started this blog in the first place.

So, in the last year or so, I have kicked around a few jobs that never really…sparked anything.  I have always worked in a retail-type capacity.  From part-time to management, my footsteps have always been in brick and mortar store.  This year, I decided that it is time for something new!

I recently enrolled to go back to school…for the first time in 16 years.  I graduated from a community college back in 2002, when I thought life would figure itself out a little easier. At the time I was working for a small company as a retail manager and quickly got out of the habit of going to school. Years went by with minimal job hopping; all the companies I worked at were for pretty good chunks of time.  Life sped by and here I am … going back to school at 37.  It is exciting but certainly nerve-wracking. I have been wanting to go back for many years and now seemed like the right time.  I am almost finished with my first term and everything seems to be going well so far.

One good thing about enrolling back in school is that it is helping build back some of my self-esteem.  I didn’t realize how much of an impact leaving my previous career had on me.  I was feeling pretty beat up and it has taken a while for me to feel good again.  Now I am working on research papers, and doing homework, and trying to be social in an online classroom.. and I must admit it feels pretty great,

Which bring me back here! Like I said, my passion has always been in beauty.  Being that I am currently not working in the industry, I need an outlet where I can share my thoughts and ideas!  I have been revamping my skincare over the last few months and I need to talk about it and be excited about it!

It is so easy to get caught up in all the fears that come along with posting anything on social media and I am guilty of letting it get to me.  Wondering if people will like your “voice”?  Is the lightning in the picture okay? Does anyone even care about what I have to say?  Am I posting too much or not enough?  Now is the time for me to shake all those fears off and do what feels right to me. I can learn as I go, but it is important to me to show up. I mean we are “Sparkle Like You Mean It Blog”, I should sparkle like I mean it.

So, I am going to set aside any fears of failure that might have been creeping up over the last year and rededicate myself here. I will do my best to post often and share things that I am using or looking for.  I am excited to take these next steps!  Thank you for being our readers and for being so patient with us.



It is time to celebrate the “weird”

What do you think is weird? Bright Hair? Funky Makeup? Pink Lipstick?

I am a person who likes to celebrate the “weird”, or as I consider it individuality.  I love people with bright makeup or funky hair. I love when people go against the trend and really embrace what they find happiness in.

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Updates! Updates! & More Updates!

I like to give myself quite a bit of time when it comes to anything I’m using on my face. My skin is kind of odd in a way where it will immediately love something then hate it over time or vice versa. I don’t always know what’s truly going on, and quite honestly, with most products, I don’t survive the in-between unsure phase long enough to ever find out.

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My 2016 Best Nine // Tiffany

Welcome 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Another year has gone by, and we are at the very beginning of a new one.

I know for many people 2016 ended with mixed feelings.  Personally, I am going to focus on the good.  I took an amazing roadtrip to Texas with my Hubby, I got to spend time with my family and friends, and I might even have experienced some personal growth.  Yes, there were plenty of falls and miss steps, but I will continue to focus on all the Sparkle the world has to offer.

So, with that being said, now that 2016 is officially closed out, I am drawing inspiration from Instagram.  As usual, they brought us the 2016 Best Nine aka #2016bestnine; which features 9 of your most liked photos put into a grid for all to see.

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How I reorganized my Skincare for the New Year//Tiffany

So for Christmas, my delightful Niece gifted me this plate:


She Leave a little Sparkle wherever she goes

Which, obviously, I immediately loved.  I knew that I needed a good use for it, but was not 100% sure of what that  use would be.

Every year around this time, my Husband and I do the annual “clean the entire house for the New Year”.  Everything top to bottom gets a deep clean to start the year off right.

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How To: Survive A Full Day With A Full Face // Kim

How To: Survive A Full Day
How To: Survive A Full Day With A Full Face

Anyone that has ever attended a wedding, prom, or special event of any kind, knows the stresses of needing a full face that wont melt off or start oxidizing at the last hour when photos are STILL happening. So here are my go-to’s that keep everything living where it should until I choose to remove it!

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Welcome to my Hobby-Tiffany

A moment of Inspiraiton
ColourPop Haul

Over Labor Day weekend, whilst gathering with some of my favorite gal pals, we had a chat  about online dating and what people list as their hobbies.   So of course, now we as a group are having a discussion about what hobbies we have versus what other people put out on their  social media profiles.  There are endless lists of people who run marathons, go mountain climbing, and are just overall adrenaline junkies.  While there is nothing wrong with all those fun filled activities, we are certainly not those people.

We are a group of gals with various likes such as reading, going to the beach, having a great girls night that has lots of wine, and obviously, makeup. Our friendships were born within the cosmetics industry, so all of us obsess over various different cosmetics related things.  Then there was some discussion back and forth about does Makeup really count as a hobby? I am in the group that says: Yes it does!

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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light with Quickie Sponge

The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is FANTASTIC! I give it 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, 10 wahoos.

That is where I will  being with my love of Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer! It is silky, gives coverage with out weight , and helps to highlight!  What is there not to love??

Me and Concealer have a love/hate relationship.  In theory, I love it….in reality, it hates me. I have forever dry under eyes and a nice set of fine lines making themselves at home. I am prone to darkness under the eye from lack of sleep and an array of seasonal allergies.  I am in a constant state of applying too much, not applying enough, cracking, smearing, and other concealer nightmare related things.

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The Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy //Kim

So, by now, we all get that I’m terribly acne-prone. I recently (2 weeks ago) switched my evening topical prescription to a higher retinol, so I’m currently in the awkward skin phase of fun new break outs turning into extremely dry almost scab like impossible to cover patches within a day. At this stage of the game, I’ve gotten pretty good at combating dryness with acne-prone skin, but sometimes, when I get super extra crazy flakey, I have to pull out the big guns. Which, for about 6 years now, has always been this 2 step Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy.

Resurface The Microdelivery Vitamin C/Peptide Peel

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Buying Into The Hype: Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lips //Kim

I’m sure if you’re a makeup lover like me, you’ve heard some chatter about  Colourpop Cosmetics over the last year or so. They’ve recently gotten a lot of attention when someone discovered their Ultra Matte Lip formula is almost identical to that of the Kylie Lipkit. Even when the hype behind the brand gained momentum, I still never looked into them for unknown reasons. However, last week I found myself on their site lurking a highlighter that my love Jeffree Star made mention to in a YouTube video, when I suddenly found myself in the Ultra Matte Lip section realizing they’re ONLY SIX DOLLARS! So naturally, with no knowledge of if I’m going to love, hate, or even be mildly impressed by these things, I order 6 of them. As well as 2 highlighters (Stole The Show and Hippo) and an eyeshadow (KathleenLights) because I have zero self control with products at this price point.
Anyone that’s interested and a first time buyer, definitely check for a coupon code, they sent me a $5 dollar off coupon code for signing up for emails. I’m a sucker for a coupon.


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