MidnightMani: Crawfishin for a Compliment

I f you know me in real life, you know that I LOVE New Orleans.  It is one of my absolute favorite places to visit.  I love the city, the culture, the vibe.. I could just stay there forever.  So, when OPI launched a New Orleans collection… I obviously needed to own them all.

This week I grabbed Crawfishin’ for a Compliment from my collection.  I was optimistic because I love all things Nola, but this color is not usually in my rotation.

I have been feeling very Spring-ish with March finally rolling it and I wanted to have a nail color that made me feel that Spring was coming.  However, if you live in the state of New Jersey with us, you know that we just got more snow!

OPI’s Crawfishin’ for a Compliment was my color of choice.  It is a creamy, full coverage light orange; almost a vibrant peach. When it dries down on the second coat it is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for.

However, the first coat made me second guess my choice. The formula is very think and at the same time runny.  It dried down to an uneven, streaky, dull peach.  I almost panicked for a minute, but figured.. its nail polish and I had already come this far… I was committing.









I am glad I stayed committed.  It turned out to be a really pretty orange.  It has a lot of saturation to the color on the second coat and covers any unevenness of the first application.

Again, I use the description orange lightly.  Crawfishin’ for a Compliment is more of a vivid peach, with a light orange undertone.  I actually find it to be a very unique color.

It required very little clean up, since the formula is a little on the thicker side it did not run everywhere.

I used my usual line up of:

1 coat OPI Ridge Filler

1 coat CND Stickey Base Coat

2 coats Nail Color

1 coat Butter London Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat


On a side note: I can not stress the importance of while filing.. going one direction.  My manicures have been super rushed the last few weeks and I managed to do some damaged with my wild filing.  This week I took the time to do it correctly and can really see the difference.



MidnightMani: Royal Navy

MidnightMani: Royal Navy


MidnightMani:  Butter London’s Royal Navy

My nail color selection doesn’t always have a meaning behind it. Generally, I just go with a color that speaks to my soul at that moment.  Sometimes it is a color that I have been mentally obsessing over or even a  color that I know will lift my spirits.  However, every now and then I pick a color for a specific reason.

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MidnightMani: German-icure

When pondering a nail color this week, I knew I wanted to go with something dark.  I had on the OPI Center of the You-niverse for about two weeks. It wore beautifully for the most part (two weeks is a long life for natural nails), but I was ready to be rid of it by the end of last week.  A busy schedule demanded that it stay put until last night.

So I knew I wanted my next choice to be something dark. In my head I was leaning towards something in the purple family. However, while I was perusing my options I came across OPI’s German-icure, and I have had zero regrets:






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MidnightMani: Center of the You-niverse

I know, I know.. I always love me a good nail polish.. and I always rant and rave about nails. So I wanted to expand on my #midnightmani posts with follow ups on application details and color woo. So here is my first:











OPI Center of the You-niverse. Wow…just wow. This color is a beauty.  The color is a  black on black with black glittery goodness.  There is also a subtle silver glitter that just brightens the entire color up.

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My 2016 Best Nine // Tiffany

Welcome 2017

Welcome to 2017!  Another year has gone by, and we are at the very beginning of a new one.

I know for many people 2016 ended with mixed feelings.  Personally, I am going to focus on the good.  I took an amazing roadtrip to Texas with my Hubby, I got to spend time with my family and friends, and I might even have experienced some personal growth.  Yes, there were plenty of falls and miss steps, but I will continue to focus on all the Sparkle the world has to offer.

So, with that being said, now that 2016 is officially closed out, I am drawing inspiration from Instagram.  As usual, they brought us the 2016 Best Nine aka #2016bestnine; which features 9 of your most liked photos put into a grid for all to see.

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Ciate Nail Polish Review//Tiffany

Dangerous Affair
                        Dangerous Affair

As an avid nail polish lover, I was always intrigued by the brand Ciate London.

Ciate London Nail polish is ALWAYS on the Top Nail Polish lists: great color, must have, celebrities swear by it.. ect.  I would always read the list and make a mental note to research it, but somehow I never actually did.  I would end up gearing back to my hearts content… OPI; and sometimes Essie ( love the colors.. me and the brush aren’t the best of friends).

I was beyond excited when I received the Ciate London Nail Polish, in Dangerous Affair, in my August Ipsy Glam Bag. So excited! I might have let out an actual squeal of excitement.  However, it was the dead of August and I was still pretty dedicated to my summer colors.  So, I put it on the back burner for use when I would fully appreciate it.

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From my nails to yours//Tiffany


My real life nail situation.
My real life nail situation. I know it is a mess, but I am a girl on the go.  I wanted to show you what my real life is.  Busy, hectic, and filled with beauty.  I am not 100% sure on actual nail polish bottle count, but its over 250.



So, just in case you did not know, I am OBSESSED with nail polish.  It is one of the things that Kim and I first bonded over.  We would talk about colors and collections for hours and obsess over what we needed and what we really needed. What colors would complete our souls and if the half shade difference between two colors really made it that different. The answer is yes, always yes.

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Kims Nail Stamping Tutorial !

Happy Saturday!

Stamping Final Product

I’ve put together a quick little tutorial for you guys on nail stamping! Beneath the video you will find links to products used (and a few others that I recommend), as well as photos where I have previously used this stamp design in different ways! If there’s any other nail related products you’d like you see a tutorial with, please let us know! Enjoy 🙂 !

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Kims Top 5 Summer Must Haves

Summer is officially here and already in full swing! For me, this means stocking up on and/or switching off to some of my summer essentials! You can click the little continue reading link below to get a little more in detail with me about my Top 5 Summer Must Haves:

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